Производство на мъжки и дамски ризи


In Riton-P the production preparation is carried out through a CAD-CAM system „Assyst Bullmer”. This system guarantees accurate construction of the items manufactured, multiplication of cuts and effective positioning of details to be cut out.

• Robotized cutting is a part of the „Assyst Bullmer” system and ensures maximum accuracy and high productivity at this stage if manufacturing. In the cut-out process visual control of the processed material is also implemented, which allows for removal of the flaws in the textile.


• Confectioning of the products ranges over the entire production cycle conducted in separate production units specialized in manufacturing men's and women's shirts.
• Technological organization has been created in the form of team structures specialized in manufacturing the main items and details required for the assembly of the manufactured products. These structures involve narrow specialization and possibility for high qualification which guarantee the expected quality.

• Sewing equipment used is produced by JUKI, Japan. For different technological operations different specialized modifications are used – sewing machines with programmable stitches, machines that automatically cut the thread at the end of the stitch, machines for cover stitches, multi-needle machines. To manufacture buttonholes JUKI machines are used especially programmed with the size and shape of the buttonhole.

• Different devices, restrictors, different types of wrapping funnels, pneumatic mechanisms for combined work on two or more details are used to guarantee the exact performance of the technological operations. Embroidery automatic machines make “ZSK” are used when it is required that embroideries be made for certain designs. These devices can make multi-color embroideries of up to seven colors.
• Pasting presses KANNEGIESSER are used in pasting certain details (collars, cuffs, flaps) in the production cycle;

• The finished products are ironed on steam powered “Trevil” and “Fate”, which guarantees perfect ironing. The specifically cut clothes with taken in waist are ironed manually with steam irons on vacuum tables.
• The folding up of the shirts is done on special tables “Ewatex” or “Kannegiesser”.
• The ready items are packed in cardboard boxes according to the client's instruction and are preserved in the warehouse until expedition.

Control on the production includes:

• Incoming control on the textile materials and findings.
• Ongoing control on the production process.
• Final control on the finished products

The Quality of the production is also guaranteed by a certificate from the Quality management system BDS EN ISO 9001:2000